Eco-Fuel article on Next Billion!





Catalyst grantee Eco-Fuel Africa featured in Next Billion!

See the whole story here.

Eco-Fuel Africa features in NY Times!





On Sunday, 29th of July Catalyst Initiative fundee Eco-Fuel Africa was  featured in the New York Times! You can read the full story here.

GCI gets Unreasonable!


This week GCI is at Unreasonable Institute!

Unreasonable institute is a Social Venture Accelorator – it gathers together 25 of the most promising social entrepreneurs, puts them in a mansion in Boulder, CO for 6 weeks, and then connects them to mentors, an amazing network, and financing options.

Check out past Unreasonable Institute years at!

This year, GCI has come on board as an official Capital Partner to UI, and will be seeking new social ventures to work with.

Over the past 18 months, GCI has funded two Unreasonable Institute alums:

Sanga Moses, Unreasonable Institute Alum 2011. Through his company Eco-Fuel Africa, Sanga is revolutionizing Uganda’s cooking fuel industry.

Maria Springer, Unreasonable Institute Alum 2010. Through her company, she’s redefining youth employment possibilities in slumland communities of Kenya, all while cracking the problem of “last mile distribution” for socially beneficial products in emerging economies.