What is Proving Capital?

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I’ve heard that Impact Investors are either social first or financial first. Where do you fall on this? 

Global Catalyst Initiative is primarily a social-first funder focused on poverty. However, we do look to fund social ventures that have a strong business model in place to provide sustainability in the long term.

My project is focused on the environment. Should I apply? 

If your project is solely environmentally focused, probably not. However, we definitely understand that environmental issues are often directly tied to other social issues. In the past, we have funded organizations that address both issues of poverty as well as environmental issues. If that sounds like you, don’t be shy!

I had a great idea last week, should I apply?

Probably not. Give yourself some time, do some solid research into your market, and build a model that will set you up to succeed. When you’re ready, come talk to us.

Do you only fund projects in East Africa? 

Our initial projects have all been clustered in East Africa, but this was as a result of the strength of applicants from that area. We are generally interested in social ventures addressing poverty in any developing economy worldwide.

My project is an extension of a pre-existing organizations. Should I apply? 

Probably not. If you have the support to get to proof-of-concept through a pre-existing organization, you’re probably outside the scope of our funding.

Do you only fund grants? 

Generally, we offer grant funding of up to $40,000 for the right project. However, grant funding is sometimes not the most appropriate financial tool to help emerging social ventures grow. In some cases we finance emerging organizations through debt or equity if we think this is a more appropriate financial vehicle.

How do you know if you’re successful? 

While we diligently measure the impact of the organizations we work with, we are primarily focused on seeing these organizations grow and scale. We know we are successful when organizations that we have funded achieve further funding from larger, external investors and begin to scale their impact.

What is your relationship to Global Agents? 

Global Agents is a social change incubator based in Vancouver, BC. Global Catalyst Initiative currently operates within the Global Agents legal structure.



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